Recommendations for educational games that are useful for your little one

One of the roles of parents is to choose children’s educational games which are certainly not only entertaining, but also become media to support the development of their little ones.

Nowadays, the use of gadgets in children is increasingly difficult to avoid. Especially in the current pandemic era, where children spend most of their time at home.

As a parent, you have to make sure your little one uses the device properly with certain limitations, such as the duration of use and the choice of content, in order to avoid negative impacts. One way to avoid these negative impacts is to choose educational games that are not only entertaining, but It is also a medium to support child development.

Recommended children’s educational games

Here are some recommendations for educational games that your child can play.

1. Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids is an educational game that can be downloaded from the Play Store and App Store. This game features colorful animals as characters. Your child can learn various skills, such as reading, writing, and problem solving, through the animals. Khan Academy Kids is suitable for children aged six and under. Interestingly, this educational game can bring up a collection of books and videos that can be enjoyed at any time. When children play this game, they will be given gifts, such as hats or other accessories that can be used in the game, to increase the spirit of the Little One. You can access this game for free.

2. ABC Kids – Tracing and Phonics

ABC Kids is a game completely focused on helping children recognize and write letters. Guided by a cheerful lion along with other dancing and excited animal friends, your child can enjoy it while learning the alphabet, such as finding letters, matching lowercase to uppercase letters. , or matching via phonics. There’s also a parent-only mode, where you can track progress and activate certain parts of the game if there’s something you want your little one to focus on. This game is available both on the Play Store and on the App Store.

3. Math Land

Math Land game tells the story of a pirate named Ray. In this game, children have to solve math problems to unlock spies and sail the sea. One of these educational games can hone a child’s numeracy skills because this game includes all kinds of math problems, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and many more. The level of complexity can be adjusted based on the age of the child. Math Land is one of the paid games available on the Play Store and App Store, but it’s worth the fun of playing while learning.

4. Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen

The characters in this game are named Cookie Monster and Elmo. Your child can join them both in the kitchen to help bake three to four words. As they play this educational game, children will practice their literacy skills. While baking, Sesame Street characters will teach children how to pronounce them correctly, know the meaning of the words used, and how they sound. Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen can be downloaded on the Play Store and App Store.

5. Chess for Kids

Playing chess will help improve your child’s problem-solving skills, introduce patterns, concentration, and much more. It’s also the reason chess is so popular with all ages. This educational game is especially designed for kids, which means it’s colorful and easy to use. This game allows your child to play chess with other children around the world, but cannot contact or add someone to be a friend in an effort to protect the child’s privacy. Chess for Kids can be downloaded both on the Play Store and on the App Store for free.

6. Daniel Tiger’s Grrific Feelings

Daniel Tiger’s Grr-ific Feelings is an educational game that is recommended because it teaches about social emotions in a very fun way. This game allows your child to identify and explore emotions through art, songs, and games. In addition, this game also offers various ways to practice speaking and expressing emotions by drawing, taking pictures of themselves when they are angry or happy, and practicing sports. This educational game is very easy to play and accessible for young children.

7. Starfall

Starfall is an educational game for children that can teach children to read. This educational game for children has a myriad of games that can teach children to read, recognize letters, and various other things about literacy. This educational children’s game has two versions, a free and a paid one.






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